You’ll come for the Rock Impressions, you’ll leave laughing your head off. Great standup and spot-on musical impressions make this show rock. Comedy clubs, corporate events, cruise ships, colleges, Kier has literally been all over the world, including entertaining the Troops in Europe, Asia, and the Persian Gulf. He has worked with such greats as Reba McEntire, Oprah Winfrey, Ronnie Milsap, Kevin Bacon, and many others and had multiple appearances on the Bob & Tom Show and John Boy and Billy.

A highlight of Kier’s show is his History of Rock Guitar Riffs. Kier’s impressions include Sting, U2, Dave Matthews, Springsteen, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Sinatra, Elvis, Waylon & Willie, Tom Petty, Prince, Barry White, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and many others.

• 3,137
Headlining Nights at Comedy Clubs
• 2,027
Nights at Music Clubs
• 822
College Shows
• 71
Major Concert Openers
• 53
City Festivals
• 66
Shows on US Military Bases (Worldwide)
• 31
Nights in Las Vegas
• 1
Rodeo (seriously)



Kier didn’t set out to be a comedian. His boyhood dream was to be a singer-songwriter; Jackson Browne, James Taylor, that kind of guy. He even went to college on a music scholarship and spent most of his time trying to write great songs not great comedy. "I was totally focused on music early on" he says, "but I must admit, seeing Steve Martin live and how he mixed comedy and music kind of got me thinking."

Solo music club work around the Southeast led to higher profile work in Aspen, Vail, Key West, the Virgin Islands and then concert openers for Don McLean, Roy Orbison, Randy Meisner of the Eagles, Reba McEntire, Leon Russell, and many others.

Around this same time he started playing a few colleges and within a couple years he was playing 80 to 100 college shows a year. "That's when the whole thing really kind of blew up for me." as he tells it, "One day I was 'Songwriter-Guy-who's-kinda-funny' and the next I was 'Comedian-Guy-doing-all-these-musical-impressions'! I don't know how it happened but pretty soon Comedy Guy had completely highjacked the show from Songwriter Guy... and I don't mind saying that Songwriter Guy was pissed!"

That didn't stop him from accepting the 1993 NACA Coffeehouse Entertainer of the Year Award (Nat. Assoc. of Campus Activities), voted on by all those college students he'd been making laugh for the past ten years.

Gradually the non-stop MusiComedyImpressions College Tour morphed into the non-stop MusiComedyImpressions Corporate Tour. So along with cruise ships, international military tours, and the ever-present comedy clubs always thrown in for good measure, Corporate America had embraced Kier in a big way.

As any good Journeyman, he's got a story to tell and in the last few years, in addition to his regular show, Kier has been featured as an inspirational speaker, presenting a mix of touching original music and life stories, along with comedy and impressions.

So Songwriter Guy clawed his way back up into the front seat with Comedian Guy and apparently they're both happy. Kier says, "I didn't exactly plan it this way when I started, but I'm having a blast. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world."




1998 - Present


The last few years have found Kier performing at hundreds of corporate events all over the United States and a few abroad.

Along with his traditional entertainer show, featuring his dead-on impressions and a lifetime of humor, Kier appears as a keynote speaker where he's been thrilled to bring original music back into the mix of his live show and share his inspirational stories.

Kier is a member of The National Speakers Association.

In 2007 Kier was invited to join an exclusive roster of comedians who specialize in doing shows at country clubs around the US.

2007 - Present



March 2007 - Kier was invited to join fellow Headliners, Ron Feingold and Michael Mack, in putting together a unique multi-bill show featuring an exclusive mix of music and comedy. The Musical Comedians took their jam-packed, 3-Headliner act on the road and have been touring theaters, clubs, and casinos nationwide ever since.

2006 - Present



May 15, 2009 - Kier donated a show to help wounded Marines at the 4th Annual Run For The Warriors™ at Camp Lejeune, NC ( at left) Kier with Lieutenant General Dennis J. Hejlik, Commander of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force.

January 2008 - Kier embarked on his third international military tour, entertaining military men and women in Bahrain, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Belgium, including a very international audience at a NATO base in the Netherlands.

Photos at left are from a show held on the deck of the USS Philippine Sea stationed in the Persian Gulf. This involved a two hour ride out and back on a Blackhawk chopper to reach the ship in the middle of the gulf.

"I didn't appreciate what a tough job those folks do until I was amongst them in 120 degree heat. And I kept reminding myself that I go home in a few weeks, these guys stay right here!"

On Kier's two previous tours he entertained for troops stationed in Asia and the Mediterranean.

1998 - Present


Kier started appearing on cruise ships in 1998. He's done about twenty contracts working for Renaissance, Princess, Disney, Celebrity Cruise Lines. These engagements have taken him to India, Africa, South America, and of course all over the Caribbean.

He often finds himself appearing in front of multi lingual audiences from all over the world. "You learn fast in that kind of situation. Every night is like a little puzzle you have to solve."




1992 - Present


The first time Kier walked on a comedy club stage (Jerry Farber's Place in Atlanta, 1992) he thought it would be much harder to make people laugh compared to clubs and colleges. He quickly realized that's all wrong: People who go to a comedy club are completely prepared to - laugh!

"It was such a rush, I was thinking - I need to do this a bunch more, and I've been doing it ever since!" (Thanks Jerry Farber!)

"No matter what else I do, I'll always go back to comedy clubs. That's where you get to sling around the paint with abandon and you almost always end up with something interesting on the canvas. And it makes all my shows in other touring venues so much better."


Voted the 1993 NACA Coffeehouse Entertainer of the Year and nominated over a dozen times in various categories over roughly ten years of touring.

"This is where I really learned how to do a SHOW. Music clubs don't allow a guy much opportunity to find himself as an entertainer, but the college tour always gave me a great audience night after night ."

Doing about thousand college shows was an experience that prepared Kier for everything that has happened since. "I learned so much doing all those colleges... and had a blast. I grew up in a college town (Clemson, SC) and I never visited one campus during all those years where I didn't feel right at home."




After departing college Kier spent a few years playing solo clubs around the Carolinas, when he and his best friend Lew decided to go to NYC. "We made it as far as Boston." he says with a straight face.

Club work in Boston and on Cape Cod continued Kier's apprenticeship. Tips earned from playing on the street in the dead of winter on Harvard Square and in the subway (the Green Line on the T, if you're a local) served as dinner money on more than one cold night.

"Standing on stage in a club next to Fenway Park, catching the first confusing, unthinkable news of John Lennon's death on a TV behind the bar is a memory that's seared in my mind forever. Aside from that, Boston was a great time in my life."

He headed back south the following year gigging extensively in Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head and this is when Kier started hitting his stride as a club musician.

Influenced by Jackson Browne and Dan Fogelberg who both played piano as well as guitar, Kier knew one day he had to add piano to the show. "I could barely play back then, but I memorized about ten songs by rote and tried not to look scared. If I ever got lost in the middle of one of those piano songs I was totally screwed."


With the whole family very musical, a dad who sang in barbershop quartets all of his life, and a mom who played piano and sang, music was a pretty easy choice. Starting on trumpet in sixth grade band gave Kier a solid base to start from but after his older brother Kevin taught him to play guitar it was all about The Beatles (still is) and songwriting.

Singing rock and pop with his brothers and Barbershop with Dad, the family group could occasionally be found entertaining at a beauty pageant or street festival belting out harmony. The name of the group?... Three Lads And A Dad. Pass the apple pie please.

After his freshman year at Clemson University Kier was offered a voice scholarship from both The University of SC and Winthrop College. He attended the latter.

After leaving college he went back home and worked in a textile mill to raise money to buy a proper sound system. The minute he had earned enough for a PA he quit and hit the road. He swore that would be the last regular job he would ever work. It wasn't the last... but it was close.

Kier insists to this day that once he heard his father say, "Before you rush into college, give Rock and Roll a chance." His father denies it.